As an occupant of the building, you play a crucial role in helping us meet and exceed our goals. Here are just a few things you can help with:  

For offices with Lighting Occupancy Sensors, turn off your light switch when you will be away from your office for an extended period of time. Typically occupancy sensors are set to stay on 15-30 minutes following motion. Sometime occupancy sensors fail, so turning off the light switch when you leave will ensure that the lights go off. If you notice that your lights (or a co-worker’s lights) don’t turn off within 15 minutes of no motion, please let the building office know so that we can have an engineer investigate.

For offices on a Lighting Time Clock, review time clock hours with the Chief Engineer to ensure that lights are not on when the floor is not occupied.

Turn off task lighting when you step away from your desk.

Turn off computers, printers and any other electronic device at the end of the day that does not need to be on all night.

Sort your waste, recycling and composting. We are currently diverting 75% of our waste stream from landfills, but our goal is 100% (as directed by the City and County of San Francisco). If you need help understanding what goes in what bin, ask any of us in the building management office. We also have signs that can be placed above the bins in break rooms and kitchens that show typical items that should be disposed of in each bin. We would be happy get you the info you need, just ask!
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