By implementing a commingled recycling program and composting program at the building in 2008, we have been able to successfully divert 90% of the building’s waste from landfills (previously we were only able to divert 65% in 2007).

Instead of having to sort office paper, bottles and cans into separate containers, the recycling program combines all items into the same container.

The following items can be placed in the container:
Paper of all colors Post-It Notes Paper Towels in Restrooms
Newspaper, Magazines, Catalogs Envelopes, File Folders Aluminum/Tin Beverage Cans
Plastic Soda/Water Bottles Glass Bottles and Jars Corrugated Cardboard

The building provides green bins to each office for composting. Compostable materials should be disposed in this bin (i.e. soiled paper plates and cups, food waste, flowers). Hand towels in all restrooms are also composted.

One Maritime Plaza has an electronics recycling kiosk located in the loading dock. The kiosk recycles batteries, toner cartridges, DVDs/CDs, Cell Phones, CFLs.

We also provide battery recycling in the garage. We also provide quarterly free e-waste events.

The building provides free small recycling blue bins for each desk and green composting bins for each kitchen. Please call the management office for more information at 415.974.1508.

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