LEED® Certification can give you:
+ Improved employee productivity and satisfaction
+ Reduced operating costs
+Optimized lifecycle economic performance

When you move into a LEED Certified green building, it tells your employees that you care about them, their health and the environment in which they work.

A green building is great for recruiting, retention, PR and corporate values. When corporate and personal values align, worker satisfaction, productivity and profits increase.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System® is administered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a nonprofit coalition of building industry leaders, and emphasizes the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art strategies for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality and sets building code standards for numerous communities in the U.S.

Other Green Building Benefits:

+ Enhances and protects ecosystems and biodiversity
+ Improves air and water quality
+ Reduces solid waste
+ Conserves natural resources

Health and Community
+Enhances comfort and health
+ Improves air, thermal, and acoustic environments
+ Reduces strain on infrastructure
+ Contributes to overall quality of life

In the US, buildings account for:
+ 70% of electricity consumption
+ 39% of energy use
+ 39% of all carbon dioxide emissions
+ 40% of raw material use
+ 30% of waste output (136 million tons annually)
+ 12% of potable water consumption

We believe in the environment and we believe in the success of our tenants. Strategic Partners portfolio-wide decision to pursue LEED Certification is in the best interests of our tenant, their staff and the environment. Going green protects the environment and will reduce these numbers significantly in years to come.

For More information on LEED, please visit www.usgbc.org.  

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