Below are some of One Maritime Plaza’s recent initiatives for energy efficiency.

By installing a plate cooler (heat exchanger), One Maritime Plaza has been able to reduce the run time of the building chillers, which in turn has reduced electrical consumption by 600,000 kilowatt hours per year.

By installing variance frequency drives (VFDs) on the building’s supply and return fan motors, One Maritime has been able to reduce electrical consumption by 375,000 kilowatt hours per year.

Building standard lighting are energy efficient T8 fluorescent bulbs with low mercury content.

The building replaced all common area MR-16 halogen lamps with LEDs. This has resulted in a 66% reduction of electrical consumption per fixture.

Janitorial Staff is instructed to turn on lights only as they are needed in the evenings and to make sure they are turned off when they exit the space.

Occupancy sensors are installed in 77% of the building.

The building installed light sensors to control the plaza overhang lighting, so that the lights only come on when needed.  

One Maritime has reduced water usage by 952 kGals per year (or 22% over comparable buildings) by changing the majority of the building’s original toilets from 3.5 GPF (gallons per flush) to 1.6 GPF and by installing flow restrictors on the lavatory and kitchen faucets to reduce the flow from 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute) to 0.5 GPM.

The building participated in a PG&E sponsored Retro-Commissioning Program, to improve the building’s operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures to enhance overall building performance, meet the unique needs of its occupants, operate as efficient as possible, and provide a safe, comfortable work environment.

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