Property Profile
Building description
The 25-story tower and two single-story, plaza-level office buildings feature more than 534,000 s.f.

Exterior- The building features an anodized dark bronze curtain wall and unique exterior cross-member structural bracing.

Lobbies- The street-level lobby has glass doors, polished granite floors and travertine walls. Escalators lead to the plaza-level lobby with stone floors, off-white travertine walls and sycamore wood panels.

Floors- Typical column-free floorplates are approximately 21,000 s.f. with spectacular bay and city views.

Views- North, east and south facing suites have spectacular views of San Francisco Bay. West facing suites enjoy views of the Transamerica Building and the city.

Plaza- The spacious and beautifully landscaped second-story plaza and courtyard feature artwork and are connected to the plaza levels of the Golden Gateway and Embarcadero Centers by pedestrian sky bridges.

Security- The building has 24/7 manned security enhanced by CCTV monitors, surveillance cameras and a video recorder that monitors the building at all times.

Parking- The building features convenient access to a city-owned garage on three levels directly below Maritime Plaza with more than 1,100 parking spaces.

Elevators- The building features 11 passenger elevators, 1 freight elevator and 2 shuttle elevators.

HVAC- The HVAC consists of an energy management system with individually controlled zones.
   300 Clay Street | San Francisco, CA 94111